Tampa Improv Festival 2013 & 2015

In 2013 the first annual Tampa Improv Festival was hosted at the Silver Meteor Theater in Ybor City, FL.
For a number of years this was their offical site.
Content is from the site's 2013 -2015 archived pages providing a glimpse of what this festival offered.

Renamed the Countdown Improv Festival in 2018, go to the festival's current website at countdownimprovfestival.com for the latest information.


New (kinda) improv festival hits Tampa in August

The Countdown Improv Festival — formerly the 321 Improv Festival.

JUL 26, 2018 | By MICHAEL MURILLO | www.cltampa.com/

In improvisational comedy, things change quickly and you just go with it. So why shouldn't their festivals do the same?

Last year's 321 Improv Festival is now called the Countdown Improv Festival. It's still run by Justin Peters and Kelly Buttermore (also known as the improv duo From Justin to Kelly) and it still showcases one, two and three-person improv teams. And it will be back at Hillsborough Community College's Studio Theatre (Ybor City campus) Aug. 16-18.

According to Peters, the new name better reflects what Peters and Buttermore are doing in the improv world (they run the Countdown Theater in New York, and the festival is an extension of that venue). Plus, there's already an improv group with the former name. So now it's Countdown. 

So what else is different? The lineup, of course. This year's festival has some returning performers, but many new faces and a lot of local talent. One Show/Two Guys is a Tampa-based group featuring Matt Eyre and Andrew Springer. Okay Google is a trio (Kristofer Atkinson, Kristopher Hernandez and John Lasavath) working out of St. Petersburg who use the popular search engine as a launching pad. And Improv4Lawyers is actually just one lawyer — St. Pete's Jennifer Strouf, who uses her courtroom experience to fuel her improv show. 

Another act on the bill has ties to an improv comedy group that has won numerous Best of the Bay awards. Got Jokes? is known for winning many accolades over the years. They're too big a group to be part of a festival of acts with three or fewer members, but longtime member (and stand-up comedian) Chuck Glass will participate as half of Before & After, along with Mike Soviero. Groups from Miami, Madison, Baltimore and Chicago are also on the bill. 

And, like almost all improv festivals, Countdown will host a number of workshops during the day, covering areas such as improv habits, creating characters and how to work better with scene partners. So there's something at the festival for performers, fans, and fans who are thinking about becoming performers. And since performers are already fans, we've probably covered every permutation by now. Unless there are fans who became performers and went back to just being fans. But then they're technically just fans again, so we're good. 

Anyway, there are tickets available for each evening, or a weekend pass if you plan on going more than once and want to save some money. Workshops are extra. But with nearly 40 acts, there should be enough content to satisfy the most fervent improv fan. Or performer. Or fan that wants to be a performer. You know what we mean, right?  

Countdown Improv Fest | HCC Studio Theatre, 1411 E. 11th Ave., Ybor City | Aug. 16-18; Aug. 17-18, workshops. | $25 per night; $40, weekend pass; and $25, workshops | countdownimprovfestival.com



Whether you know the festival as the Tampa Improv Festival or as the Countdown Improv Festival, this annual festival of trio, duo, and solo improv comedy based in beautiful, sunny Tampa, Florida is terrific. I make the trip down to Tampa from NYC every year to catch this truly performer-focused festival. I love the fact that the festival is located in the Ybor City neighborhood of Tampa, which is honestly one of the coolest and most interesting neighborhoods in the United States and here I am from NYC so that's saying a lot. The historical center of Cuban emigré culture in the Tampa Bay region, Ybor City is home to dozens of coffee shops, cigar factories, bars, restaurants, and stray roosters. It's the stray roosters that get me every time.

One bit of interesting trivia is that the festival is a production of New York City’s Countdown Theater, a pop-up comedy space devoted to celebrating and creating memorable, ephemeral theatrical experiences. The individuals behind both Countdown Theater and the Countdown Improv Festival are the New York-based comedians Kelly Buttermore and Justin Peters, who perform together as the improv duo from Justin to Kelly. Hoorah NYC.

Each year when I attend the Countdown Improv Festival I stop off in Bel Air Maryland to pick up my uncle who resides at the Hart Heritage senior living community. This is the best Bel Air assisted living facility in Maryland and we're so lucky that Uncle Bob is living there happily. He's a huge fan of this improv event and has even participated in a stand up contest held a couple of years ago. So we make plans to take this trip together and it's become an annual ritual that I personnally treasure. Even more than the event itself, our convos on the ride down are a chance for me to learn about Bob's amazing life in a totally relaxed environment - my car. So as long as he's able and willing, I'm going to be here for him, full of questions to be answered on our road trip.



THE 2015 Tampa Improv Festival



There's an improv revolution happening in Florida, and it's coming back to the the Tampa Bay area! Join the Florida improv community and some of the most innovative long form acts from around the world for 4 days in historic Ybor City. Featuring local, regional,  national, and international groups, TIF 2015 is proud to be sponsored by Orlando's SAK Comedy Lab and is hosted at the Silver Meteor Theater--a slice of New Orleans in the heart of Ybor. We're super-pumped for the live recording of Improv Nerd with Jimmy Carrane on Saturday night!This year, there is a $30 dollar registration fee per team (no more individual registration fees!), which includes free access to all shows, after parties, green rooms, a free tee and bag o' crap (you won't know what's inside until you open it up), and other festival goodies and deals. 

Since we're back in Ybor, the hotel, workshops, restaurants, bars, clubs and parties are just steps from each other. 15 minutes from Busch Gardens and 30 minutes from the Gulf beaches. See where Castro got his start, Scientologists took over the Cigar factory that fed the mob for decades, and Joe and Marilyn ate the best damn Spanish food in North America! 


Each group will play 1-2 shows, depending on submissions volume, but don't worry! There'll be multiple stages set up for groups and for folks who just want to get up and play with one another.  Each troupe slot will be either 20 or 30 minutes, 2-3 teams per show. There will be an after party location provided that is just steps away from the theater. This year, there will be a TIF Aftershow interview featured on Table Talk Podcast for each performing team and a Spotlight Interview from one member of your group posted to the TIF Blog.


2015 Official Schedule


Alpaca Suitcase - Tampa, FL
As Per Usual - St. Petersburg, FL
Troupe X - Tampa, FL

360 - Orlando, FL
Odd Lot - Savannah, GA
Business Casual - West Palm Beach, FL

Transvaginal Mesh - Minneapolis, MN
Mom's Adhesive - Charlotte, NC

Equanimity - Tampa, FL
A Group Of People - Orlando, FL

Comedy School Dropouts - Miami, FL
PDC TourCo - Tampa, FL



It's All About Amy - Denver, CO
An Englishman and a Belle - London/Austin
Society Circus Players - Miami, FL

Sick Puppies - Boca Raton, FL
Just The Funny - Miami, FL
Remote Possibilities - Baltimore, MD

Beastwood - Jacksonville, FL
Florida Studio Theater - Sarasota, FL

The Third Thought - Tampa, FL
Party Like Fuck - Atlanta, GA

The KC Improv Company - Kansas City, MO
Big Bang - USA

From Justin to Kelly - New York City, NY
The Laser Comedy Show - Chicago, IL



Power2Improv - Orlando, FL
Dear Aunt Gertrude - Tampa, FL
AdLib Theater - Orlando, FL

PDC TourCo - Tampa, FL
Roomies - Philadelphia, PA
The Wrecking Crew - Orlando, FL

In The Zone - Miami, FL
Bree&Cyd - Savannah, GA
Battlecat - Miami, FL

Hawk & Wayne - St. Petersburg, FL
History Under the Influence - Austin, TX
(ft. Mark Tindle, Sick Puppies and Just The Funny)

Improv Nerd hosted by Jimmy Carrane
ft. SAK Comedy Lab's Mike Carr

ClusterFudge - USA
(ft. Tim Marks, Kevin Miller, John Windmueller, Justin Peters & Kelly Buttermore)
SAK Comedy Lab - Orlando, FL




We have an amazing lineup of workshops this year from all over the country. There's never been a more eclectic package of improv classes offered in Tampa!

Our featured workshop, Jimmy Carrane's award-winning Art of Slow Comedy workshop sold out the first week it was posted. We thought, "Damn...there's probably a bunch of people who wanted to take that. We should add another workshop from someone amazing just to help them out!"

So we did.

In addition to classes on Saturday offered by Washington Improv Theater/Baltimore Improv Group's John Windmueller, Magnet Theater alum's Justin Peters and Kelly Buttermore, and Kevin Miller from Merlin Works in Austin, we pleased to have KC Improv's Tim Marks on Friday offering a diagnostic workshop for folks who want special attention on their scene work and Duo play. There is literally a workshop for everyone, no matter how experienced you are. The best thing about improv is you can never stop learning.

Each one is only $15. Why? Because you don't need to spend a fortune to learn how to be awesome.




This Is Gonna Be Easy: Scenework Diagnostics
Instructor Tim Marks | The KC Improv Company | Friday 3P - 5P @ Silver Meteor Gallery
When a scene goes great for two or more improvisers, it is invigorating for everyone present. My goal is to make it easy for you to get to that place more often. This workshop is for those who want to focus on excellent scenework in long-form performance, offering individualized instruction, instead of blanket exercises, to help you become a more well-rounded improviser. I use active, concise side-coaching to get the most from you. Appropriate for experienced improvisers and coaches, we will aim for greatness, and funny will take care of itself.

BIO: Tim Marks is the founder of the Kick Comedy Theater in Kansas City and the KC Improv Training Center, and he directed The KC Improv Company from 2004-2015. He has taught at five national improv festivals, and performed in many more, including the Chicago Improv Festival and New York's Del Close Marathon.  He has also written and performed stand-up comedy and sketch comedy, and acted in independent movies, short films, and television commercials.  He started improv comedy in 2000 to become a better trial lawyer and to have fun.  He no longer works as a lawyer, and he has more fun. He was honored to appear on The Improv Nerd podcast with Jimmy Carrane in 2014.




Pretty Flower
Instructor John Windmueller | Washington Improv Theater | Saturday 10A - 12P @ Silver Meteor Gallery
You want the committed world-building of a monoscene, but with all the heightening fun of a Harold? You want all the richness of a deconstruction, but without the baggage of a complicated form? You want just the right balance of freedom and structure, a format that’s ridiculously fun and at the same time can produce meaningful and moving shows? What you need is a Pretty Flower! You’ll leave the workshop fully ready and able to perform the Pretty Flower format. And because you’re going to love it, you’ll also leave with all the tools and exercises needed to teach it to the rest of your troupe. In addition to covering some advanced versions of the Pretty Flower (how about a whole Pretty Garden?) we'll go over some examples of how to take the core mechanics of the Pretty Flower and adapt them to your own vision. 
John Windmueller loves improv. Loves it! Being present in the moment, playing, and making art…what’s not to love? With a decade of experience, John teaches, coaches, and performs with both the Washington Improv Theater and the Baltimore Improv Group. He is one of the founders and organizers of the District Improv Festival and has performed and led workshops at festivals across the US.

Love the One You're With
Instructor Justin Peters & Kelly Buttermore | Magnet Theater| Saturday 1230P - 230P @ Silver Meteor Gallery
Conflict and emotional distance can become default choices in our improv scenes. But what if instead of choosing conflict, we chose love instead? Making a conscious decision to appreciate and collaborate with your scene partner can take your improv in unexpected and wonderful directions. In this workshop, we will introduce techniques for finding meaningful connections with your scene partner, and explore the virtues of playing from a standpoint of total agreement. When you choose to embrace your scene partners rather than resist them, the possibilities for your scenework are truly limitless.
Veteran comedians Kelly Buttermore and Justin Peters perform fully improvised one-act plays that are usually funny, sometimes disturbing, and always memorable. Whether they’re playing two lonely old ladies sunning themselves at a deserted public pool, or a down-on-their-luck married couple celebrating their anniversary with a furtive tryst in their kids’ treehouse, Peters and Buttermore emphasize patient, high-stakes scenework that embraces the terror and potential of the present tense. Based in New York City, they are one of the nation's only touring improv duos, and have performed in front of audiences from Arizona to Wisconsin.


Playing From the Wings
Kevin Miller | Merlin Works| Saturday 3P - 5P @ Silver Meteor Gallery
The side of the stage is one of the most powerful places to be in improv. If you watch a scene passively, it might die on the stage. But with the right entrance, line, or sound effect, you can make it truly great. Kevin will teach you how to hone your instinct for an offer from the sidelines—know when to join the scene, when to stay off, and how to seamlessly become part of the show

Kevin Miller has performed, coached, and taught improv in Austin, Texas for over 13 years. He is an instructor for the Merlin Works Institute of Improvisation at the ZACH Theatre in downtown Austin, and he has performed with troupes around the US and as far away as Tampere, Finland. He owns a dog, a cat, and four chickens.


The Art of Slow Comedy
Jimmy Carrane | ImprovNerd | Sunday 10A - 12P @ Silver Meteor Gallery
Now is your chance to experience the 2012 INNY Winner for Best Workshop! Before you can be funny you have to be real. In this 2 hour workshop you will learn the basic principals of The Art of Slow Comedy, which make long-form improvisation as easy as having a conversation. Slow down your scene work so you can get to the game faster. Learn how to play it real and grounded. Have an emotional life on stage. React honestly to your partners. 

Jimmy Carrane is the host of Improv Nerd and co-author of “Improvising Better: A Guide to the Working Improviser” and “Improv Therapy: How to Get Out of Your Own Way to Become a Better Improviser.” He is the former host of Studio 312 on Chicago Public Radio. He has taught at The Second City, IO-Chicago, The Annoyance and Victory Gardens. Jimmy was recently seen in the films “LOL” and “Public Enemies” with Johnny Depp. His other film and TV credits include “The Playboy Club,” “ER,” “Natural Born Killers,” “Early Edition,” “The Untouchables,” “Stash” and “Tapioca.” He was an original member of The Annoyance Theater, Armando at The IO-Chicago and was a member of Carl and The Passions and Burning Desires. He has performed in some of Chicago most innovative and ground-breaking long-form improv shows, such as “Jazz Freddy” and “Naked” (a two-person one-hour improvised scene with MAD TV’s Stephanie Weir). Other theater/improv credits include: “I’m 27, I Still Live at Home and Sell Office Supplies,” “Godshow,” “Every Old Man,” “Living in Dwarf’s House” and “Summer Rental” at The Second City etc.

THE 2013 Tampa Improv Festival

The first annual Tampa Improv Festival is hosted at the Silver Meteor Theater in Ybor City, FL by Post Dinner Conversation, Inc, Tampa’s original improv comedy company. For three nights on Halloween weekend, the Bay’s finest improv players come together to bring audiences the best variety in comedy and spontaneity. Featuring troupes new and old, big and small, family friendly and college targeted, TIF aims to please by featuring the many styles of performance and play that has grown up all over the city.

For more information about dates, times, and tickets, email tampaimprovfestival@gmail.com.

Hope to see you there!


Oct 31 Nov 1 & 2 ~ Silver Meteor Theater ~ Ybor City, FL


2013 Official Schedule


Doors open 5 min before - Click on the troupe name for full bio!


7pm – Gluten Free Improvh2 ~ Tampa, FL

8pm – Improvablesh2 ~ Tampa, FL

9pm – iRTE’s viRTEgo Circush2 ~ New York, NY


7pm – Improv Against Humanityh2 ~ Miami, FL

8pm – Dear Aunt Gertrudeh2 – Tampa, FL

9pm – The Third Thoughth2 ~ Tampa, FL

10pm – SAK Comedy Labh2 ~ Orlando, FL


7pm – Nine & Numbh2 – Tampa, FL

8pm – Big Bang Improvh2 – Boston, MA

9pm – Post Dinner Conversationh2 – Tampa, FL

10pm – Hawk & Wayneh2 – St. Petersburg, FL

Buy tickets for Shows Here



All workshops are 2hrs at Silver Meteor Theater - Click on the presenter’s name for full bio!


Saturday @ 10am - Workshop A

Keepin it Real. Yo.

Patrick McInnis,h2 The Third Thought

Improvisational theatre is by definition “make believe”, “anything goes” or “choosing from the infinite”. In a world of unlimited possibility, scenes can get crazy quick. If players aren’t grounded and forgo “keeping it real” then things get messy fast. Playing grounded, true to yourself, and honest can prevent an infinite number of disasters in scenes. The audience is involved because of the justified reality within scene work. Exercises in bonding with your scene partner, agreeing to the world created on stage and finding/playing emergent games will be covered.

$25 ~ 20 person limit

Saturday @ 1pm - Workshop B

The Emotional Point of Comedy

Richard Regan Paulh2, SAK Comedy Lab

We know there are many paths to reaching inspired comedic scene work. Whether its “finding the game”, “discovering secrets,” “titling the platform”, or “breaking the routine” – none of it is possible with out an emotional point. When we discover the emotional point, we find the epicenter of our comedic scene. It doesn’t matter if it is long form or short form, the truth remains: the audience won’t care about the characters until your characters care about what’s happening in the moment. Learn techniques and strategies for finding the emotional point that leads to “the game”, “the tilt”, “the discovery” and “the breaking routine”. Everything begins in single moment; the path to comedy starts there, too.

$25 ~ 20 person limit



2013 Troupe Bios


Gluten Free Improv

Gluten Free Improv ~ Tampa, FL

Gluten-Free Improv was founded in 2013 at the University of Tampa. The group was born when sophomores Steven Card and Griffin Guinta decided to officially found an on-campus group where people could practice their acting and be themselves through the art of improvisation. The troupe’s main goal is to facilitate laughter, smiles and happiness. Our cast consists of students from a bevy of different majors, including: Performing Arts, Film, Communications, Drama, and Nursing.

Players: Griffin Guinta; Steven Card; Roxxi Jaxx; Austin MacFarland; Russell Colleran; Nolan Tashjian; Melanie McGuffie; Kelcy Owens; Kelsey Rudder; Erinn Botz

improv logo - The Improvables

Improvables ~ Tampa, FL

The Improv-ables are a new troupe based in Dunedin and created by the actors of Gypsy Stage Repertory Company under the umbrella of the Showcase Arts Foundation. Our mission is to entertain the average bar-hopper in the Greater Tampa Bay Area with a little something we call “Pub Theater.” With performances at unconventional venues such as Flanagan’s Irish Pub and Fleur De Lis Cafe, we strive to provide a unique kind of entertainment to viewers who may not otherwise patronize the performing arts in hopes of growing the theater-going audiences in the Tampa Bay Area.

Players: Brianna Larson; Ashley Collins; Johanna Griese; Jordan Harner; Ricky Jones; Jakob Nordstrom; Zack Meyers

irte logo

iRTE’s viRTEgo Circus ~ New York, NY

IRTE (rhymes with “purty”), the “Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble” is a NYC-based company of improvisers who perform a full season of original themed, character-driven comedy improv shows, following the basic model of traditional repertory theatre. (While performing one show for three weeks, we’re in rehearsals for the next). We incorporate simple costumes and strong character choices for a very theatrical, very fun improvised show. Founded at the end of 2011, most of our members had already been performing together for years as members of various other groups and theatres (particularly Gotham City Improv and the Peoples Improv Theatre). Most recently, we performed at the 15th Anniversary Del Close Marathon, the 2013 Unscripted New York Improvised Theatre and Film Festival, the 2013 New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival and the 2012 Portland Improv Festival. In New York, we currently enjoy a residency at Gotham City Improv with occasional performances at the People’s Improv Theatre (the PIT). IRTE has also appeared at Parkside Lounge, Luca Lounge and the Creek and the Cave. Individual members’ credits also include performances at Upright Citizens Brigade, the Groundlings, the Magnet, as well as professional off-Broadway and regional theater and feature film productions (The Public Theater, The Kennedy Center, NY Theater Workshop).

Players: Robert Baumgardner; Nannette Deasy; Evie Aronson; Jamie Maloney; Marcia Sofley


Improv Against Humanity ~ Miami, FL

Unrepentant and all-in, the Improv Against Humanity troupe brings a razor-sharp salvo of in-your-face improvisational comedy. Unafraid to say it, the cast goes where other shows don’t even dare, exploring topics from ‘Boy Meets World’ to ‘vajazzling’. Watch out, because it’s gonna get hilariously offensive! Show Host Carlos Rivera, a 14+ year veteran of South Florida improv, explained where the idea came from: “I was sitting with friends playing Cards Against Humanity.  Naturally, everyone would try to pick the most inappropriate ‘answers’.  But hearing their explanations, their justifications, even SEEING some of this stuff get acted out… it clicked.  We HAD to do this ON STAGE and share our fun, if not slightly twisted imaginations with the world!” The troupe consists of a mix of regular performers from a local improv theater, as well as a rotating guest spot.  Several members have traveled to previous festivals with the WARRIORS OF DUMB.  The actors find themselves in a variety of situations driven by cards as the game is played on stage, exploring the outrageously and enjoyably taboo topics the cards present! Improv Against Humanity is part of the Miami/SoFla Comedy Arts Collective, created to provide support for independent comedy troupes.

Players: Sean Morin; Todd Thomassen; Marcos Barnes; Linda Marie Williams; Carlos Rivera; Maria Tomaino


Dear Aunt Gertrude - Tampa, FL

Since 2009, Dear Aunt Gertrude has kept Tampa audiences laughing with its fun-loving, themed shows, chock-full of innovative comedy.  This creative and talented team currently performs both short-form and long-form improv shows at The Box Theater located in Ybor City.  In the past, Dear Aunt Gertrude has had the privilege of opening up for The Upright Citizen’s Brigade Touring Company at the Palladium and has been featured with The American Stage Late Night Series.  They have been participants at the Sarasota Improv Festival, The Gainsville Improv Festival and no doubt consider it a privilege to be performing among other improv fanatics at the inaugural Tampa Improv Festival.

Players: Daryl Knapp; Matthew Rodriguez; Charlotte Langley; Billy Milec; Brad Taylor; Paulie Vee; Josh Baldwin

3rd thought

The Third Thought ~ Tampa, FL

Created as a social experiment in December of 2010, the Third Thought has been performing long form improv in the Tampa Bay area since April of 2011 with weekly shows ever since. Inspired by Chicago, Austin & New York styled improvisation, TTT plays committed and fearlessly taking on any suggestion given and exploring the underbelly of mankind week in, week out. TTT has played at the Del Close Marathon held by the Upright Citizens Brigade three years in a row 2011-13, The Gainesville and Sarasota Improv Festivals the last two years 2012-13. Committed to sharing our love of this art, we have offered drop-in classes since Fall 2011 and will continue to teach & entertain our ways into your hearts and mind. TTT is very excited to be a part of the inaugural Tampa Improv Festival and look forward to being a part of it and the rising community for years to come.

Players: Patrick McInnis; Bett Correa; Billy Milec


SAK Comedy Lab ~ Orlando, FL

An Orlando fixture since 1991, The SAK Comedy Lab features a variety of nationally and internationally recognized comedians. The SAK Comedy Lab is all about improv, and they do it well. One of Orlando’s most popular comedy clubs, they recently relocated to the trendy CityArts Factory, in the heart of downtown. The SAK Comedy Lab brings different themes to different nights, including the popular improv competition “Duel of Fools” (Thursday through Saturday) and Saturday’s late-night “Early Show.”

Players: Jenni McIntire; Chris Dinger; Richard Regan Paul


Nine & Numb - Tampa, FL

Nine and Numb was formed by nine college students from the University of North Dakota in the spring of 2000 at Scott Hanson’s Comedy Gallery at the Fabulous Westward Ho entertainment complex in Grand Forks, ND. After the club closed in 2001, Nine and Numb moved their regular Tuesday night improv comedy show to Sensations Night Club across town. In 2003, Nine and Numb incorporated into a Limited Liability Company. Ten months later, the company expanded to include a sister troupe in Fargo, ND based at Courtney’s Comedy Club in Moorhead, MN and began its annual Halloween run of The Rocky Horror Picture Show – LIVE! at the Empire Arts Center in Grand Forks, now in it’s 11th year. In 2005 Nine and Numb moved it’s base of operations to Tampa, FL, where it now performs at ​the Carrollwood Players Theater. Since 2000, Nine and Numb has become a multifaceted entertainment company by producing full stage shows at various venues across the country, including The Rocky Horror Picture Show-LIVE!A Christmas Carol Abridged and it’s now famous improv comedy stage shows.

Players: Dawn Kidle; John Hooper; John Gustafson; Eric Misener; John Watson; Jim Johnson; Ashley Kix; Angel Borths; Jennifer Martin

big bang improv

Big Bang Improv - Boston, MA

Big Bang is fast-paced free-form show features some of the top alumni from the ImprovBoston Mainstage and Boston comedy scene. Our Boston style free-form has been wowing audience for years in festivals around the world. The entire set moves seamlessly from one scene to the next at the rate of over a scene a minute all following the group play philosophy of “follow the funny”. The show builds rapidly and culminates in a series of surprising and organic callbacks done through the unique editing styling and story telling of this Boston super-team. This is a high-energy improv experience that redefines itself with every performance.

Players: Will Luera; TBA


Post Dinner Conversation - Tampa, FL

Winner of Creative Loafing’s 2013 Best of the Bay Reader’s Pick for Best Local Improv Troupe, PDC has opened for some of the finest local and national comedy acts, including Tampa’s only sketch comedy company Some Sort of Show and the Upright Citizens Brigade Tourco. As Tampa Bay’s original improv comedy company, PDC formed in Spring 2012 under the direction of Kari Goetz. They have made a million turns in the road since, developing their own Tampa grown style of long-form dubbed Improv360, which captures the essence of a feature length film in a single improvised set. Their original members founded the fast-growing USF student organization Improv@USF in Fall 2012 to help support their company and spread the word about improv in Tampa. Today, Improv@USF plays over 12 shows a semester on campus in the residence halls and other campus locations in a comedy-sports style fashion, drawing over 100 students to it’s shows and meetings weekly. As a comedy-centered non-profit production company invested in the Tampa comedy scene and affiliated with the Cigar City Comedy co-op, PDC focuses their efforts on educating the community through play and humor, helping local entities promote their causes with entertainment, workshops, and consultation. Influenced by The Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, Monty Python, Adult Swim, South Park, Saturday Night Live, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Interpersonal Communication Theory, and Phenomenology, they showcase a wickedly fast and dangerously funny approach to game play and scene work that pushes the boundaries of improv theory and roasts the traditions of improv theater. They are proud to be hosts of the annual Tampa Improv Festival and are looking forward to their national tour in Summer 2014. Do Tampa Improv.

Players: Nicholas Riggs; Hannah Prince; Murphy Barthe; Warren Buchholz; Carlos Hernandez; Zach Mouriz; Patrick Daley; Griffin Pelaia; Ricky Romeu; Sara Savitz; Djaniel Lattimore; Luan Pham; Jess Sarris; Tyler Sloan; Charles Burgess; Matt Rhoades; Jules Lopez; Scott Lambright Smith; Mikey Hall; Claire Samuels;  Daniel Iglesias

Robots sitting on a heart

Hawk & Wayne - St. Petersburg, FL

Gavin Hawk and Ricky Wayne are actors, directors, and improvisers from the Tampa Bay area. Together they represent the Chicago and West Coast long-form improvisation styles through Hawk’s training at Second City Chicago and Wayne’s training at Los Angeles’ Groundlings. They have been performing as Hawk and Wayne for the past five years at American Stage in St. Petersburg, where they have done year long runs of their shows The Dumb Show321The MemoryNews of the Weird: Live, and their current show, It’s a Living. They were named Best Improv Duo in 2013 by Creative Loafing Tampa.

Players: Gavin Hawk; Ricky Wayne


Workshop Presenters

Patrick McInnis, The Third Thought

Patrick McInnis has been working in Theater, On Camera & Voice Over work for over 25 years. Patrick is a nationally touring Comedy Hypnotist since 2009 and has performed with the Third Thought at National & Statewide Festivals since 2011. Patrick has trained with such notable teachers as Matt Besser, Kevin Mullaney, Craig Cackowski, Joe Bill and Mark Sutton. Patrick has performed with Dear Aunt Gertrude and plays & teaches Improvisation weekly in the Tampa Bay area since Fall 2011.

Richard Regan Paul, SAK Comedy Lab

Richard Regan Paul has performed improvisation for 19 years with SAK Comedy Lab, Disney’s The Comedy Warehouse, and the OFFSIDES improv troupe. He has performed in award winning theatrical shows and has been seen in national ads for MasterCard, Verizon, Rona, and Capital One. When he is not acting, he instructs various groups and theaters on improvisational theater and applied improvisational techniques for business innovation.



General Information


Workshop info is available on the TIF website and open to the public. Both of our workshop presenters are offering excellent 2 hour courses that focus on different aspect of improv and aren’t exclusive to short-form or long-form players. Registration for workshops will begin 30 minutes prior to their start time at Silver Meteor. Both workshops will take place in the same space the shows will be played in. Seats are limited to 20 per workshop, so act fast!


Silver Meteor Gallery is in an odd part of Ybor City (the historic cigar-making district of Tampa) but has housed notable theater companies, improv shows, and University theater programs over the years. It’s an old house converted into a 50 person theater with full lights, solid acoustics, and a small backstage area with dressing rooms/prep area. There is a smoking deck outside where the bathrooms are located, it is handicap accessible, and there is a concession stand that will be serving snacks and drinks (including alcohol) for patrons during shows. We’ll be outside with a table for registration and (hopefully) selling T-Shirts. The outside is rustic-looking but it’s a pretty space on the inside that’s ideal for improv – intimate and good sight lines make for great comedy!



From I-275 take I-4 E toward Orlando. Take exit 1 FL585/22nd St/21st St. Go straight on 13th Ave until you come to N 21st St. Turn right onto N 21st St. Follow that half a mile and turn left of 7th Ave until you reach N 23rd St. Turn right and park anywhere in the neighborhood. Sliver Meteor is on 6th Ave next to the train tracks. NOTE: Don’t park along the train tracks!


From I-75 take I-4 W toward Tampa. Take exit 1 FL585/22nd St/21st St. Go straight on 13th Ave until you come to N 21st St. Turn right onto N 21st St. Follow that half a mile and turn left of 7th Ave until you reach N 23rd St. Turn right and park anywhere in the neighborhood. Sliver Meteor is on 6th Ave next to the train tracks. NOTE: Don’t park along the train tracks!

Here is the address for your GPS:

Silver Meteor Gallery

2213 East 6th Avenue

Tampa, FL 33605



NOTICE: All troupes coming in Thursday who don’t have a parking spot at a hotel should find a place to park immediately and plan on doing some walking. Halloween is a big night in Ybor, which is certainly unique and exciting, but could present some problems finding cheap or close parking. Earlier in the day is better, so plan accordingly! Don’t park along the train tracks!


Parking at Silver Meteor is available on the side streets that surround the theater. There is no fee in that neighborhood. You may also park at one of the Parking Garages/Private Lots in walking distance for a small fee. Silver Meteor is closest to Columbia Restaurant. For more info see: